Adopting a puppy From Du Mas Ensoleillé

We are professional breeders and as such ask you to be as sincere and as precise as possible about your expectations, requirements and your way of life… because this will allow us to select and offer you the most suitable puppy for, we take many criteria into account such as character, morphology, genetics and our different breeding lines so that the puppy best meets all your needs.

All our breeding animals are tested on the known genetic diseases of each breed (luxation of the lens, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patella dislocation, echocardiography, deafness) but also genetically tested by DNA (pcr, igs, tns, ncl, gg, ccs, mtc, dm) and if any health tests are not satisfactory we do not reproduce from them because the quality and the improvement of the breed remains our priority.

All our breeding animals and puppies are registered in the LOF LOF (Livre des Origines Français).

Our puppies can leave us after 2 months.
A waiting list is often open so you may have to be patient…

A purchase in 3 steps:

Step 1 :

Contact us
Choice of puppy
45% deposit
A reservation contract will be given to you

Step 2 :

Come and pick up your puppy but if you can’t come, we can arrange a “home delivery” made by us or by our partner carrier (pricing on request).

We will give you at the same time:

Proof of LOF registration (birth certificate)
Electronic chip identification
The health record or European passport (if going abroad)
Vaccinations given since birth
He will be up to date on his dewormers
A certificate of good health issued by the veterinarian
A purchase invoice
A free mutual for 2 months (without obligation of commitment)
A photocopy of the parents’ health tests
A starting book with all our advice for arriving home, education, advice on deworming, vaccines, etc.
A rag comforter with the smell of mum and brothers/sisters
A surprise gift from us

Step 3 :

After you take the puppy we are here to help throughout their lives.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more photos and information and also follow our Facebook pages where many photos and videos are regularly published.

We sell bags of kibble on site when your puppy leaves in a 3kg or 20kg bag.


For information :
Cheques are not accepted
Bank transfer, cash, Paypal and credit card are accepted
Payment in installments possible
Full payment for the puppy is due before departure