Selling to breeders

We regularly sell to breeders internationally but we ask you for the utmost sincerity!!!!!

We therefore ask you to be as sincere and as precise as possible about your expectations, requirements and needs.

This will allow us to select you and offer you the most suitable puppy for your research.

We take many criteria into account such as: the character, the morphology, the genetics of our different lines to best meet the selection criteria of the breed.

We do not practice any price difference whether you are breeders (except for departures abroad) or individuals, nor even specific contract or sterilization.

We are a professional breeders but we breed in a family setting, we select our breeding males and breeding females, on several criteria such as character, morphology and all our breeding animals are tested on known genetic diseases of the breed (luxation of the lens , hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patella dislocation, echocardiography, deafness) but also genetically tested by DNA (pcr, igs, tns, ncl, gg, ccs, mtc, dm) and if all the time the health tests do not are not satisfactory we do not reproduce them because indeed the quality and the improvement of the breed remains our priority.

All our breeding dogs and puppies are registered in the LOF (Book of French Origins).

Our puppies can leave the breeding from 8 weeks.

A waiting list is often open so you may have to be patient…even very patient…

For sales abroad we take care of:

  • Departure of the puppy not before its 3.5 months
  • Passport and rabies (rabies vaccination depending on the destination)
  • Compliance with the regulations in force in the host country
  • Transporter only approved by the Chamber of Agriculture and transport certificate
  • Mandatory TRACES document, stamped and signed at each border
  • Veterinary certificate less than 24 hours before the departure of the puppy