Training and CV


May 22, 2017: CAPTAV, transport of live animals categories: dogs cats, sheep, goats, cattle

June 24, 2011: 1st degree natural method instructor diploma

2007- 2009: BAC Pro by alternating driving and management of a canine and feline breeding at the MFR in Eyragues

2005 – 2007: BEPA by alternating canine and feline breeding at the MFR at Eyragues.

2005 – 2006: 3rd, canine section at the MFR at Eyragues, Brevet des collèges.


Since April 22, 2015: business manager, at Du Mas Ensoleillé

February 01, 2011: The Kennel-cattery of Royal-canin in Aimargues

From February 1, 2010 to January 31, 2011: Royal Canin Kennel-Cattery in Aimargues.

From July 13 to August 28: temporary assignment within the Kennel-Cattery of Royal Canin in Aimargues


May and June 2009: trainee in the kennel-cattery belonging to Royal Canin in Aimargues.

Since September 2007: trainee in at a Retrievers breeders in Vernègues.

Responsibilities: management of projections and births, education and training, grooming, deworming of livestock, water and food distribution, cleaning and disinfection of premises (walking forward).

2008: commercial internship, company Ferrat Distribution (Royal Canin).

Job description: follow-up and discovery of the commercial profession (customer visits, prospecting, exhibition).

2006 to 2008: veterinary internships (veterinary clinic in Arles and Brunet and Trinquier clinic in Saint Gilles).

Responsibilities: equivalent to an ASV (Veterinary Services Assistant), i.e. customer reception, care of hospitalized animals, participation in surgical operations, inventory management, customer reminders for vaccinations.

2007: grooming course, “Animal Design” in Venelles.

Responsibilities: detangling, bathing, brushing, mowing, customer reception, shelving of the various products sold.

2006 to 2008 : Trainee at Sacrés de Birmanie et British Shorthair à Saint Raphaël breeders.

Responsibilities: management of projections, grooming, deworming of livestock, distribution of water and food, cleaning and disinfection of premises (forward movement), monitoring of the breeder at a cat show.

2006: clicker training course with Patrick Cervais (three days).

2005 to 2007 : Trainee at a Retrievers breeder in Albaron.

Responsibilities: management of projections and births, initiation to the Field Trial, deworming of the livestock, distribution of water and food, cleaning and disinfection of the premises (moving forward).

2004: Clicker training and obedience course (3 days)


Breeding: Extensive knowledge, practical and theoretical, of dog breeding.

Dressage: natural method for canine education and recreation.

Handling: 10 years of participation in junior handling competitions until becoming French Junior Handling Champion in 2006, representing France at Crufts 2007.

Grooming: Afghan Hound, Yorkshire (Westie cut), American Cocker Spaniel, Jack and Parson Russell Terrier (hair removal),

Horse riding: gallop 4


Breeder of jack russells, border collies and cavalier king charles spaniels 

Owner of two cats

Daughter of professional breeders, German Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Chihuahua.

Son of Afghan Hound, German Shepherd breeders

Regular exhibitors in different dog shows: CACS and CACIB,

SCC Championship, Regional, National breeding (of different breeds)

Complete equipment for grooming. (trimmers, grooming case, etc.)

Experience and training in managing a canine and feline breeding.